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A blog with great mastiff stories
English Mastiff poem and story blog
Wednesday, 11 April 2012
A mastiff forever
Mood:  lyrical
Now Playing: a mastiff forever
Topic: Short story
Iwas thinking that I will have a mastiff to my very last day. what comfort  they are , what wonder companions and such gentile dogs , yes i will have a mastiff to my very last day

Posted by mastiff25 at 1:57 PM EDT
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Sunday, 19 November 2006
Skippy the water mastiff
Topic: Short story
Skippy loves to swim, although I would not say he is a strong swimmer. I find the mastiffs tire fast swimming. We used to take Skippy to the river swimming all the time but Quickly put a stop to it . One day I noticed Skippy sitting in the water. The water was deep enough that in a sitting position only his head and shoulders was above water , several other people were swimming and playing in the water around him. It is a popular swimming spot. Skippy looked odd sitting in the water and he was looking up to the sky as if watching the sky being very nonchalant , And then I seen it :o, little Brown logs popping to the surface of the water around him and floating down stream to wards the swimmers. :o
Yes he poops in the water, I was to embarrassed to shout out a warning to the down stream swimmers. I grabbed Skippy and left in a hurry . 8-)The next time was even worse . I took him again to the swimming hole and he was having a blast until I heard Melissa holler and Skippy was in the water and a large steam of brown water was rising up around him as he looked to be sitting neck deep in the water staring very nonchalantly at the sky. :o,, he had bad diarrhea and a large area of brown water was going down stream from him . luckily this time Melissa was the only down stream swimmer so she quickly got out of the way of the on-coming brown tide , and that was the end of Skippie's swimming days .

Posted by mastiff25 at 9:33 PM EST
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Sunday, 12 February 2006
Bella saves the day , short story.
Topic: Short story

My mastiff Bella is a big black brindle , mushy , sweet girl, loves every one , great temperament ,, \
I was on a road trip a few years ago with her, from Vancouver Island to Washugal Washington . I was taking her to be bred. It was a sunny warm day and I had the car windows wide open as I drove, and Bella was sleeping on the back seat of the car.
I had to get off the main highway around Vancouver Washington to get gas , and when I had pulled off the highway earlier I had gotten lost trying to find out how to get back on the highway .
This time as soon as I took the off ramp, I pulled over to the side of the road and opened up the large map so I could figure out how to get back on again after I found a gas station. I had the map open , when suddenly Bella leaped from the back seat like a ferocious lion , SNAPPING, GROWLING AND LUNGING .. I dropped the map and turned my head just in time to see an arm quickly being withdrawn from my open passenger window. And a large grubby looking guy backing away from my car with his hands in the air . SAYING wow , wow wow , , After he backed away 4 steps he turned and ran down the ally. really fast . At first I was confused, so I started to push Bella back into the back seat, That was when I noticed her feet tangled in my purse straps, Suddenly it dawned on me the man was going to reach in my window and take my purse off the front passenger seat . He did not notice my large mastiff in the back seat , but I guess she was watching him .
All my money , cards etc , were in my purse and my gas tank was almost empty , and I was a long, long, way from home , I would have been in big trouble had he succeeded in stealing my purse .
How do dogs just seem to know when some one is up to no good . We had stopped at a road stop earlier that day and when I came out of the bathroom I seen people were reaching in the window patting Bella who was soaking it all up . So why did she act different this time? . By the way Bella has never growled or snapped at any one since . That was the only time in her life.

Sharon Medforth Island West Mastiffs

Posted by mastiff25 at 9:52 AM EST
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