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Short story
A blog with great mastiff stories
English Mastiff poem and story blog
Friday, 10 February 2006
I've Never Had A Dog

I've Never Had A Dog

I've never had a dog before,
but I can surely see,
The Mastiff is the grandest one,
so that's the dog for me!

Now, I only want pet quality
so it shouldn't cost me much,
But he better have a pedigree
with Champions and such.

Training him takes too much time,
I don't want to mess with that,
He must know "down", and "sit" and "stay",
and not chase the neighbor's cat.

His color doesn't matter,
but brindle I would buy,
now fawn is fine, or apricot,
are others I would try.

I have never bought a dog before,
but how hard can it be?
I'm not a picky person,
but I'd want a guarantee.

He must move like a great big cat
just floating off the ground,
I don't care much about OFA
as long as he is sound.

He doesn't need to have much charm,
Although I'll not deny,
I want a dog to come to me
when the treats are not nearby.

I've never had a dog before,
but how hard can it be
to pick one up just like I want?
I hope he's almost free!

Puppy picture and poem By
Nanci Manceau of kingmont mastiffs

Posted by mastiff25 at 5:51 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 12 February 2006 9:58 AM EST
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To My mastiff Rescue Babies
To My Rescue Babies:

You came to me in shambles of what a mastiff used to be.

Your eyes should be hollow and untrusting.

Yet I see the windows of your soul do I see,

Pouring out for your want and need of Love.

I wonder if you will ever trust again,

How can someone put you at such end of cruelty

For you are mans best friend.

I run my hands across your frail body, I feel you tremble so.

I can not hold them back, my tears from my face flow,

I will not make you afraid, We will rise up together

As you gain your strength and your courage back forever ,

I know I can fix your exterior wounds,

But can I fix your heart and mind.

I will hold in my arms and love you through this most horrible time.

I will hope for the day that your life once again be full of bliss.

You will run and jump and pant and play, A beat you will not miss.

To watch the love you have to give, emerge without fear.

Never fear my beast friend, for I will always be near.

Though you will leave and go on to a new home,

No more will you have to roam,
A family is waiting patiently for you, to give their love.

But I will never forget the paw prints you left on my heart.

A TRUE Gift From God Above.

Danielle S Browning

Qaletaga mastiffs , mastiff Rescue
Qaletaqa Mastiffs

Posted by mastiff25 at 8:38 AM EST
Updated: Sunday, 12 February 2006 9:58 AM EST
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Tuesday, 7 February 2006
Blaze Poem

poem by Jewel McDonald

Posted by mastiff25 at 8:24 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 7 February 2006 8:36 PM EST
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Monday, 6 February 2006
The Bull and The Mastiff
Seek you to train your fav'rite boy?
Each caution, every care employ:
And ere you venture to confide,
Let his preceptor's heart be tried:
Weigh well his manners, life, and scope;
On these depends thy future hope.
As on a time, in peaceful reign,
A bull enjoyed the flowery plain,
A mastiff passed; inflamed with ire,
His eye-balls shot indignant fire;

He foamed, he raged with thirst of blood
Spurning the ground the monarch stood,
And roared aloud, 'Suspend the fight;
In a whole skin go sleep to-night:
Or tell me, ere the battle rage,
What wrongs provoke thee to engage?
Is it ambition fires thy breast,
Or avarice that ne'er can rest?
From these alone unjustly springs
The world-destroying wrath of kings.'

The surly mastiff thus returns:
'Within my bosom glory burns.
Like heroes of eternal name,
Whom poets sing, I fight for fame.
The butcher's spirit-stirring mind
To daily war my youth inclined;
He trained me to heroic deed;
Taught me to conquer, or to bleed.'
'Cursed dog,' the bull replied, 'no more
I wonder at thy thirst of gore;

For thou, beneath a butcher trained,
Whose hands with cruelty are stained;
His daily murders in thy view,
Must, like thy tutor, blood pursue.
Take then thy fate.' With goring wound,
At once he lifts him from the ground;
Aloft the sprawling hero flies,
Mangled he falls, he howls, and dies.

* * * * *The Poetical Works of Addison; From Greys tales


Posted by mastiff25 at 10:21 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 6 February 2006 8:03 PM EST
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The Mastiff and Curs

The MASTIF and CURS. A Fable inscrib'd to Mr. POPE. By the same Hand,

A MASTY of our English breed
Allow'd all others to exceed,
In ample head and solid heart;
Strong, stately, true in ev'ry part;
March'd through the town with stedfast pace,
Like former heroes of his race.
Offending none; for in his mind
Candor with resolution join'd.
Yet over ev'ry threshold leapt
The little dogs by ladies kept,
Who snarl or flatter for reward,
The tea-pot and the slippers guard.
Whilst butchers curs forsake the stalls,
And each upon the masty falls,
With distant noise and threat'ning grin,
Tho' none durst fasten on his skin.
So well his greater strength they knew,
Who dirt and scandal on him threw.
For not a cat that had been torn,
Or hen that from the roost was born,
But to his charge they barking lay:
Tho' he despis'd that vulgar play,
Nor cou'd by ought be mov'd to rage,
But what was fit for Hockley's stage.
Who when he careless tost or rowl'd,
Was still superiour, stern and gold.
Couch'd at the door or on the green,
In him the masty still was seen.
Tho' now those rude assaults he bore,
And every moment look'd for more.
'Till on a day some gen'rous man,
To rouze his anger thus began.
How long will you endure these yelps,
From danes and lap-dogs, heartless whelps!
Revenge your self, amongst them start,
Break at each bite some lady's heart.
Make Sharper, Cupid, Fop and Beau,
Stretcht at your feet their folly know.
Or smartly crush each paper scull,
With such a pinch as mads the bull.
The masty now 'twas worth his while,
Reply'd with a disdainful smile.
To you, Sir, who our fate command,
Loo or restrain us with your hand.
Tis fit that some account I yield,
Why I'm so slow to take the field;
Or to employ my well known pow'r,
Such carping vermin to devour.
But whilst I keep them all in awe,
From their assaults this good I draw;
To make you men the diff'rence see,
Between this bawling troop and me.
Comparison your observation stirs,
I were no masty if there were no curs.
Ann Finch

Posted by mastiff25 at 9:24 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 6 February 2006 9:28 AM EST
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Sunday, 5 February 2006
True Poem , Ron and Moses's Great day .

It was the weight pulls for IWPA
And the dogs and handlers were ready that day.
Who could pull the most, we were there to see.
And some claimed to know who that dog might be.
The competition was tuff, a worthy lot.
Pulling hard and fast, giving all they got.
Ron and Moses were competitors there
Both strong and handsome, a notable pair.
Moses the mastiff, was the strongest of all,
Weighing 200 lbs., 32 inches tall.
Debra his co-owner, was standing by the ring side,
While Ron checked the load, to which Moses was tied.
Then away from the dog, Ron jumped away clear.
The crowd stood up, and started to cheer.
6900 lbs., was the weight on the cart.
Moses pulled his best, with all his heart.
It seemed as if time, was suspended in air.
And a roar rose up, from all who was there.
Inch by inch the load moved down the track.
With muscles straining, from shoulder to back.
Moses pulled and pulled, with all his might.
Never thinking once to give up the fight.
Slowly and surly, the load made its way.
Until they crossed the line, on that memorable day.
The memory of that day will live on in glory.
And be spoken of, in poetry and story.

In loving memory of Ron Overgaard. Who co Owned Moses with Deb Shook of Black Stone Mastiffs. Ron and Moses were the #1 top weight pull regonal Champions in 2001 and 2002 As well as International Champion in 2002 . Moses was a great sound , strond and sweet mastiff and pulled a massive 6900 pounds.
Ron passed way
In the year 2002 and Moses passed away 2005

Sharon Medforth island west mastiffs

Posted by mastiff25 at 9:22 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 11 February 2006 10:28 AM EST


I love the velvet fir under your nose,
The way you clean between your toes.
I love the gentle look in your eyes.
And how you never tell me lies.
I love the steady rhythm of your snore,
And how you push me to the floor.
I love the slope of your shoulders,
Muscular and strong.
And how you cry when
I'm gone to long.
Or how you always scare the cat ,
When I've told you never, to do that
Or how you drink
,then pee on my flowers,
or chew on a bone for hours and hours .
I love how you pretend
There is no drool hanging down.
or cheer me up,
by acting the clown.
And how when you fart,
You look perplexed .
And wonder who
will take the blame next.
I love the expressive wrinkles
across your forehead.
and how you think your sneaking,
crawling into my bed.
I know Our love will
Always be .
OH what a lucky me ?

By Sharon Medforth

Posted by mastiff25 at 7:17 PM EST
Mastiff Kill , Funny story
Mood:  cheeky

I stood upon the balcony of my domain , and threw the cool of the morning mist , I gazed out across the green carpeted grounds that lay before me .
My heart filled with both awe and remorse , as my eyes took in the site of my mighty mastiffs.
They stood in the morning haze looking proud and fatigued. The fluid from their most recent kill covered their bodies and dripped from their mouths . The female mastiff then lay herself down in sheer exhaustion beside the mighty and powerful male, both content and drained from the exertion of the kill . Defeat would not have been an option for such powerful animals . Their prey had no chance , for the mastiffs had learned and developed their skills in the hunt , regardless of my efforts to end their lust for needless destruction.
I am sure they felt pride in themselves , But I felt remorse, remorse for what once was and shall never be again.
Torn into pieces, its long, sleek ,serpent like shape no longer resembled its once true form. I called to my protectors and they tuned to me. Their eyes searching mine, wondering if I too would feel the pride of their kill or if they would feel the scorn of my harsh words .
They watched me closely but I did not speak , The only though that came to me was
“nuts, my husband is going to be so pissed off about another destroyed garden hose” .

By Sharon Medforth
Island west mastiff

Mastiff puppy page

Posted by mastiff25 at 7:13 PM EST
Mastiff Breeder Dream

During the middle years of my life, a dream came to me in the silence of the night .
A dream that has since driven me to eccentricity .
In my dream he stood tall and strong, upon the top of the bluff.
Behind him the evening sky was a pallet of dusty red and gold.
He was the most perfect mastiff that my eyes had ever seen .
I have dreamt of him many times since then.
On the eave of every litter I have whelped
Or in the middle of the day, as I watch my dogs at play .
He is my obsession.
I see his wide powerful chest and his rippling waves of thigh muscles
He has that aura about him of true royalty
The essence of mighty, yet calm strength.
His head was broad and his dark , piercing , gentle eyes, had just enough wrinkle above them
to convince you of his intelligent contemplation of life.
The slope of his shoulder was perfect ,
his back, level and sturdy.
Both bone and substance , he did not lack.
This dream mastiff is elusive.
But I have heard legend that he has for the last 100 ,
or maybe even 500 years ,
crept into the dreams of others.
Some have thought that they almost possessed him ,
yet others disagreed.
And so you see why strangers think of me as exocentric.
They wonder why I have a pack of large mastiffs in my home.
But they can not be expected to understand
That I shall dream on and breed on ,
until I have created him,
Until the perfect mastiff comes to my beckon call
And stands by my side
Until such time I will still see him as others like me have,
Only in my dreams

By Sharon Medforth Island West Mastiffs
Visit my mastiff web site island west mastiffs

Or see new puppies available
puppies available

Posted by mastiff25 at 7:07 PM EST

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