Professional dog training.  
  Are you afraid to walk your dog?
Does your dog lung and bark at people and other dogs?
Does your dog bite and attack any one near its food or toys ?
Does your dog jump up on people?
Does your dog drag you down the street?
Does your dog  suffer separation anxiety?
Does your dog refuse to come when called?
Have you tried  classes  and it just does not help with your dogs behaviors?
We have decades of experience training dogs
specializing in problem behaviors.
 Is this your dogs last chance?
 contact us
Please visit Source K9 for more information or to book a training spot for your dog.



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  1. Is your dog dragging you on the leash.                          
  2. Escaping out the door 
  3. Not coming when called 
  4. Destructive behaviour , chewing , 
  5. Separation anxieties

Is your dog running the house , dragging you on the leash , running out the door , not coming when called , suffering separation anxieties. destructive behavour ,dog or people aggressive, resource guarding 

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